New Lore Section

Today I have been playing around with the website. I have added some sub-menus so I can keep the header neat and tidy, and introduced a Lore section for The Miscreant. So far, I have uploaded the maps from book 1 in both pen and digital colour. Over time, I hope to add in things such as pronunciation, character bios, etc. to help give that extra level. I used to love reading interviews with my fave characters, so hopefully I can do something cool like this too.

I would love to add a fan art section…if only I get fans some day who wish to draw my characters!

I have also added in a section for Marsden Park, and have posted about my inspiration for the library and the series. When I get around to it, I might even draw up a floor plan, as it has been pointed out that I didn’t describe the library much in Catalogue of Disaster.

Homeless Affair still needs a name. It is 2 chapters off being finished, though I have been stuck on a single scene for a week. Hopefully I’ll get through that tonight.

In the meantime, today I purchased a Square reader and dock, so at my future book launches, I’ll be able to take card payments! I am so excited about this.

Much love

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