Update time!

Ello frens!

Time for another update! I’m a bit excited – I have finished self-editing of my WIP (work in progress), and I have just sent the manuscript out to two of my beta readers. These betas (who ‘test drive’ the story) both beta read Catalogue of Disaster for me, so I’ll be interested to see what they think of this installment.

I have also commissioned an artist to draw an illustration for the front flap of the book, which I am super-excited about. Previously, I have always used an animal that features in the book, but this time it will be an image that is key to the story line (not giving any spoilers!)

I have come up with the title finally, but shhh, I’m not telling anyone what it is yet! You’ll just have to wait for the big reveal! Get excited for this one!

Cover and title reveal – 27th September.
Official publish date – 27th October.

I have added a tracker widget to display my word count for The Darkest Realm. Seeing as I have already written around 20k words before I shelved it, it will take me a little bit to read through it, cut out chunks, and restart it. I will do my best to update the tracker each day as I write, so you can watch my progress.

The Darkest Realm
1/100,000 words

If browsing the site via computer, it will show to the right of your screen —–>
If browsing using a phone, you’ll need to scroll allll the way down my ramblings to the bottom where the widgets are displayed.

My schedule is somewhat packed for the next few weeks, but I will try and keep you updated with teasers and snippets.

Stay safe everyone, you’ll hear from me soon!

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