The Demons Within

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the identity of the author and what they’ve written–and indeed if they are qualified to write them. What’s…

The Demons Within

My thoughts on this

I came across this post by one of my fave authors (who I see as a good friend), and decided to reblog with my own thoughts on the matter.

Before joining Twitter, I lived in my own little bubble, writing the stories I love with characters I identify with most. I was never out, not even to myself until sometime during the last 12 months.

When the ‘Sasha’ scandal rocked Twitter, and it was discovered that a dude was pretending to be a lesbian (and subsequently sexting with a bunch of women, manipulating them. Urgh!!), a few of the authors I looked up to Tweeted that people writing queer books should be queer, or include a disclaimer in their books stating that they are cishet or something to that effect.

This led me to feel that I’m not ‘queer enough’, and pushed me somewhat out. I felt like a imposter – people see the name ‘Amy-Alex’ and assume Amy = woman, therefore, I must be cishet bored housewife, profiteering off fetishising M/M relationships. How dare I write about gay men, when I myself am not a gay man.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

There was then the mention of pen names, and a few peopole voiced strong opinions against those, too. ‘They are misleading!’ They said.

No. They protect those of us who have professional jobs, stalkers, and all sorts of reasons that the writer has no obligation to justify. I work in a place which involves children, I hardly think some of the parents would appreciate some of the content I write.

Authors are under no obligation to announce their gender, sexuality, or even their true identity. Ever.

I have no problem with cis people writing queer, so long as they represent the community in an appropriate way. Some people don’t realise they belong to the community until after they write their stories. Everyone’s journey is different, after all.

It’s also never ok to out others without their consent. Ever.

There is so much I could go on to say, like the fetish circles that leave fake 1* and 2* reviews on legit queer authors, just so they can draw readers across to the cishet written stuff. At the end of the day, though, I’m not here to get caught up in the drama of Twitter and other social media sotes.

I’m here to write whatever the hell I want to write. I write first for me, and secondly for my readers.

I am not here to out myself, either. It’s no one’s business how I identify, who I’m attracted to, or who I’m married to. Yes this is a pen name, and no, I am not obligated to justify this.

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