catalogue of disaster update!

Hello frens!

I’ve been holding off from posting until I had all of this finalised… Behind the scenes, I’ve been quietly working on updating Catalogue of Disaster to iron out a few wrinkles. A refresh of the cover to bring it in line with Beneath the Grandstand and The Marsden Park Series, and some changes to the manuscript itself to make some of the parts clearer than before.

If you purchased the ebook from the ‘Zon, you should be able to refresh your Kindle content and get the updates pushed to your device. On iPhone with the Kindle app, swiping down and releasing will refresh your library. If you get stuck, email me.

Don’t forget, the paperback offer is still running! Use code MarsdenPark! in the store to receive 50% off Catalogue of Disaster when you pre-order Beneath the Grandstand. Offer available on this website only.

With the remaining copies I have in stock of the original CoD, I have reached out to a group who provides books to homeless people. Hopefully I can donate the copies to distribute to the homeless for free. Otherwise, I will find somewhere to donate them that helps minorities in some way 🙂

In other news…..I have finally finished Uni for the rest of the year. I am well behind my deadline for writing The Darkest Realm, but don’t despair! If necessary, I will have to push back the release for a couple months. If that’s the case, I will get my editor to work through The Lowest Realm and help me polish it. The original editor I hired for that book did not serve me well….but we live and we learn! I was a new author back then, and three books later, I now know what I’m doing, and have met some amazing people along the way who have taught me so so much.

And finally… I did a thing! I entered Beneath the Grandstand in the American Bookfest Awards! I honestly don’t know how I’ll go, but I have so much love for this story, I would like to think it could at least become a finalist. But who knows, that’s for the judges to decide.

The official launch is in 15 days, so if you haven’t already, make sure you pre-order Beneath the Grandstand to secure your copy 🙂

Much love,
AAC <3

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  1. Fantastic cannot wait to read your next book, keep writing cheers

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