New Release!!

OMG, It’s finally here!!!! Thanks so much to all of you who pre-ordered a paperback or eBook. The paperbacks are still slightly delayed due to Covid, but I should hopefully get them tomorrow. They are in the local AusPost facility where they have been all day.

I definitely deserved a drink!
(I was so tired, I put it back in the fridge after the photo op haha)

With any new release, it’s always interesting sitting back and reading the reviews as they come through. While I always engage with beta readers before publishing to ‘test drive’ the story, the opinions from the public domain are always so different. These people are reading for fun, not because they have to provide feedback to the writer. I’ve already had three reviews for BtG, and I almost teared up as I read them.

This book is different. Sure, it’s a romance, but it’s so much more than a typical romance. It contains a number of ouch themes, which I think I handled rather well:
* Homelessness
* Mental health
* Childhood abuse
* Toxic relationships

I am so proud of this book. It is way different compared to Catalogue of Disaster; I want each of these books to be separate stories that can be read alone, with no pressure for the reader to read them in order. Where CoD is short, a quick-fire romance, BtG is slow and drawn out over several years, and delves deep into the characters and story.

Pad Thai and pork dumpling from the restaurant that was mentioned in BtG. The name of the place was changed in the book.

What’s next?

Unfortunately, due to life being an arsehole, I had to cancel my editor appointment in December for The Darkest Realm. I’m still stuck on 31k words, and once again I hate it. It’s not moving at the pace I’d like, nor is it going where I wanted it. It needs a LOT of work on fleshing out the back stories and getting it right. I know some fans are waiting for book 2, but I want to write something they will love.

I have a few ideas for more Marsden Park books, but at the moment I’m in a slight slump. My muse is broken and my inspiration escaped out of the door before I could close it in time. But those who read my post on writer’s block will know that I am not giving up, I’m just approaching it from a different angle until I get things right.

Anywho, that’s all for the moment. I’m off on leave soon for a week, so watch this space for a travel blog 😀

Much love,

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    • Thankyou!!
      So far I have restrained myself and haven’t written in proper ‘Western Sydney’, but maybe in my next story I should dabble with Bidwell or Emerton lingo haha!

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