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I woke up this morning to find that I’d been tagged in a post on Twitter. After checking my notifications, I was chuffed to read that Beneath the Grandstand was one of Kyler Warhol’s Top 9 fave books of 2020!

Click HERE to see their Top 9 Books post.

Here is their original review of BtG:

Does the synopsis sound interesting? You have no idea of what awaits within these pages, let me tell you! This story is powerful, moving, sexy and cute, but also had me about to collapse more than once. The topics included make it heavy and darker than you may expect. I admit I had my doubts about it before and thought it would just a romanticized story of loss and trauma, but it’s healthy and cute AF.

Reading was painful, and I couldn’t stop more than a bit just to catch my breath and keep going. I couldn’t handle the need to know what would happen, how everything would end, while the characters made me fall in love with them. There is every single type of people you may expect, not only the good ones but also the jerks and the ones you wish you never get to know.

The author has a great style that puts a spell on you from page one. The descriptions, the emotions, the feelings, the insight you get into Cameron’s head, his problems, his very soul and core makes it impossible not to love him! I just wish the ending had been a bit different, because while I loved that plot twist (you will never see that coming, never!) it was left a bit on the air. Just a few loose ends that I didn’t catch that much.. That aside, you need to read this, people!

Reading Beneath the Grandstand, by Amy-Alex Campbell, was a big experience. It is filled with drama, cuteness, a bit of kink, but lots of humanity and understanding. You will see homeless people differently after you are done with this book, because it’s a merciless attack to every single thing you think you know about them. It may be a bit idealized, if you ask me, but with an undenyable power.

For full post visit: https://kylerbwarhol.blogspot.com/2020/11/book-review-beneath-grandstand.html?m=1&zx=d89ce4f5897d5996

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kyler for both the review and the tag. Reviews are so important for indie authors, and each honest review is greatly appreciated 💜

Much love,


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