What an Eventful Month

I thought I would share another quick update just so you know where I’m up to.

  • I’m still working on The Darkest Realm (thankyou to the person who has already pre-ordered a copy!).
  • I’ve plotted most of Between the Lines, I’m just figuring out the actual start of the story.
  • Podcast is getting loads of listens, I’m super impressed!
  • Participating in March on Soldier on Challenge to help raise money for Aussie veterans. I’m walking 96km during March which is the length of the Kokoda Trail. You can check it out HERE.
  • I’ve had a few tech issues with my iPad not syncing with Dropbox. I finally made the switch to a different cloud service until Microsoft fixes the Word apps, so here’s hoping I can get my productivity back on track!

It has been a crazy few weeks. Our car was written off (not our fault, thank god everyone is ok) which meant the stress of dealing with insurance and getting a new car. As of tomorrow we’ll have a nice Kia Cerato to hopefully last us a few years.

My mental health has not been good. I have PTSD from an accident just over 10 years ago, and although I wasn’t in this one, it did bring up a lot of painful memories, flashbacks and graphic imagery. PTSD sucks, and has its own stigma surrounding it. I have a great support system though, whom I love and appreciate. It’s ok to not be ok 💜

This week we are having a rain event here in Sydney / NSW, and today we are seeing lots of flooding in areas. The last time it flooded was in Feb 2020 – I posted about it HERE. During that time we had a visitor, Riley Tortopolous, who was washed up onto the road. Hubby brought him home, and I set him up in a quarantine tank to ensure he was unharmed. Once the flood waters receded, we released Riley back into his pond. I think of him often – such a gorgeous little guy!

Riley Tortopolous, a wild turtle who was rescued from the floods.
Riley Tortopolous

I have the next week and a bit off work, and hope to get some serious writing done. You’ve all been so patient, waiting for the next story, and I thank you so so much 💜

Now, I’m going to eat my pizza, and get some writing done!!

Much love,

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  1. cannot wait till you release the next book, keep up the writting cheers

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