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Big news, folks!

Today is the two year anniversary of finishing off the draft of The Lowest Realm. To celebrate, I’m launching my shiny new Patreon!

For those who don’t know what this is, Patreon is a way to support your favorite artists. There are writers, video creators, digital artists, musicians, and all sorts of creative folks on there. Fans get to sign up to their favorite creator for a monthly recurring fee, and in return they get access to exclusive content depending on their tier.

For my Patreon, I have 4 tiers available: Neophyte, Monk, High Priest, and Disciple. The features of each tier are listed below:

So if you sign up to be a Neophyte at $1.50 per month, you will have access to the monthly progress video or live stream; you get to submit questions for Q&A, participate in polls, and you get 10% off all books in my online store!

For the monk tier, you get this, plus access to character bios, interviews with characters, you can submit name suggestions for characters and locations. Instead of 10% discount, you get 15%.

High priests get all of the above, plus you will get to hear me read a chapter of one of my stories each month. I will post map images or host a live stream of me drawing them, and an occasional short story. This tier receives 20% off books in my store.

The final Disciple tier is not cheap, but this is Amy-Alex Campbell laid bare (not to be confused with naked – there is no nudity here). You get to read the icky offcut files, those versions that were so terrible they never see the light of day. I will print your name in the back of my next book as one of my supporters, and you get 25% off books in my store.
The biggest deal for this tier, though, is you get a copy of a limited print run version of Catalogue of Disaster. This run is discontinued as the pub mark was incorrect, there is a typo on the copyright page, and there are a few issues through the book which have since been changed.
Why would anyone want a ‘dud’?
I plan to be famous one day, so these copies may be worth something to someone some day – or not.
You also receive a hand-drawn initial map customised just for you. I will post you the map and book to wherever you live in the world.

I’m not doing this just to try and pocket all of your hard earned money. Any money made will be put back into running my website and keeping my Adobe subscription. To me, this platform enables me to directly interact with my true fans and readers, and by that I mean YOU. It creates an intimate environment where YOU get to experience behind the scenes and see what it’s truly like to be a writer. This content is just for YOU, not for Janice to randomly find and share / retweet.

If you have any questions, please email me or leave a message below.


Much love,

AAC <3

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