TDR Is Finished!

Happy August, everyone! I bring you great and exciting news!!

I’ve deliberately held off posting in my blog until now. I am so excited to announce that The Darkest Realm is FINALLY complete!! It has taken me 2 years, three different versions, to get where I am with this. For the longest time I was starting to regret announcing that there would be a book 2 and contemplated just making it the stand-alone it was meant to be. But I persisted, and WOW it was so worth it!

So, what’s next?

  1. Suffer through writing a blurb
  2. Work on the maps and get them ready for print.
  3. Edit and send it off to my beta reader.
  4. Send info to my designer and commission the cover.
  5. More edits.
  6. Read through book 1, followed by a re-read of book 2, and ensure everything is right.
  7. Send to proofreader.
  8. Set up interiors.
  9. Send final page counts to designer.
  10. Plan some sort of launch party
  11. Set up preorders.
  12. Launch.

Aim is to launch it on November 9th, which will be the 2 year anniversary of releasing The Lowest Realm.

But wait, there’s more!

To celebrate my growth as a writer, I will be re-launching The Lowest Realm just before the launch of book 2. I’ve sent TLR to my proofread / editor who is tidying it up for me. There will be no major changes to the plot, I’ll just be fixing punctuation and the sex scenes. I’ve watched enough porn since writing that book that I know I can do them a little better. No, I will not make them more graphic as this is not erotica.

I will be giving The Lowest Realm an updated blurb, and make some changes to the back of the cover to bring it in line with my branding.

And finally, I have commissioned some artwork of Nika and Freyne! I am so freaking excited about this! If all goes well, I’ll get some done of more of the characters. I’ll be updating the pronunciation guide so it will be an embedded video to make that easier, too.

On a final note, I will be adding a lot more content to my Patreon over the next few weeks. I’ll try and add some of the behind the scenes things such as interior setup, maps, publishing and so on. I’m super excited! Don’t forget to check it out at

I just want to give you all a big thank you for your support since I started this crazy journey. I have made new friends along the way, and reconnected with old friends alike. You are all my family and I love you.

Much love,

Amy-Alex x

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