New Character Artwork

I’m not crying, you are!

I recently commissioned artwork of Freyne and Nika to celebrate the completion of The Darkest Realm. OMG, it’s amazing 😭 I’m usually a heartless cow, but this made my eyes misty.

Freyne and Nika, by reendhanasukma.

Where am I up to?

  • Suffer through writing a blurb
  • Work on the maps and get them ready for print.
    • World
    • Lorendia
    • Maikaden
    • Gri’Ran’s Gate
    • Kia-Mor
    • Bar’Am
    • Gri’Ran’s Rest
  • Edit and send it off to my beta reader.
  • Send info to my designer and commission the cover.
    • Booked for mid October
  • Update to cover of book 1
    • Booked and organised
  • More edits.
  • Read through book 1, followed by a re-read of book 2, and ensure everything is right.
  • Send to proofreader.
  • Set up interiors.
  • Send final page counts to designer.
  • Plan some sort of launch party
  • Set up preorders.
  • Launch.

Each time I finish and publish a book, I am usually overcome with excitement and impatience, and rush rush rush to get it out to the masses. This time, though, I find myself feeling quite mellow. I’m happy and excited, but not bouncing off the walls like usual.

I was discussing this with my bestie who noticed this and mentioned it to me. I came to realise that as much as I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve also grown as a publisher. I’m determined to get it right this time around. The Lowest Realm and Catalogue of Disaster were both rushed, and I’ve had to rework them as a result. On the other hand, I took my time with Beneath the Grandstand and there are only 3 words I would change in the entire book – which are just a personal thing to me and my OCD. No one has picked up on these three words lol.


Tomorrow I will be recording the next chapters of BtG and CoD to Patreon. I’ll also be recording my monthly update and uploading some more things, so stay tuned.

Check out my Patreon HERE! For $1.50 a month you get access to heaps of content 🙂

Twitch map streams

I’ve been streaming my progress of Maikaden map live on Twitch, so make sure you jump on and say hi. You will need to make a Twitch account, but it’s easy and so so worth it! If Twitch isn’t your thing, check out the edited streams on YouTube.



Stay safe folks and I’ll check in soon!

Much love,

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