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One of the more challenging aspects of self publishing is marketing. Not everyone has studied this at a university level, and therefore has no idea on how to present themselves to the world and get their name out there. Another challenge is connecting with other writers in the same genre.

My Twitter bestie Kon Blacke (@BlackeKon) came up with #WRITEboyslove – to be used by writers of m/m work, so that readers and writers alike can find each other. This includes manga, fanfic, comics, and heck – if you’re an artist of m/m, I’m pretty sure we’d love to have you too!

SO! If you are a reader looking for new reads that are outside of the mainstream, simply do a search on Twitter for #WRITEboyslove and scroll through the juicy threads.

If you are a writer, follow myself and/or Kon, and keep an eye open for the daily prompts. We post them every day during September (and October when it comes around) at 12pm Aussie time, but you can respond to them at any time in any order. Simply include the # in your tweet so that other searchers will see your input when they search.

Note – this is open to anyone who writes man loves man. This includes bisexuals, pansexuals, trans people, anyone who does not spread hatred within the community.

You do not need permission to join in, there is no time limit, and no eligibility criteria apart from men loving men. We are not Centrelink <3

Your host Kon and I the co-host are both Aussies, so we aim to keep this a fun activity! The more lewd and naughty the better >:)

This is a fun way to connect with readers and writers alike. Feel free to interact and follow each other and hopefully make new friends!

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