More Artwork & Maps!

Howdy folks! I’m so excited to show off the latest piece of artwork – this time it’s Ashavan and Tysion, who you will meet in book 2 and 3 of The Miscreant. Tysion will also be getting his own spin-off story too, but that’s for later 😉 To see the other artwork, go to The Miscreant tab above and navigate to Character Art
(or click HERE).
This artwork will be available on Redbubble on tees and other products, but I’m not launching that officially just yet. Stay tuned!

Maps, maps, maps! All of the ones needed for book 1 and 2 have been uploaded to the map section, plus a bonus rough doodle of a floor plan of the Monastery. Check them out in the map section under The Miscreant tab above (or just click HERE to save time).

Anywho, here’s the not-so-lovable Ashavan (who I love anyway) and Tysion <3

Ashavan on the left wearing his armour, and Tysion on the right wearing a simple tunic and hose, holding his hammer. Ashavan has blonde hair and stubble, and Tysion has brown hair and is clean-shaven.
Ashavan & Tysion

I’m up to date on my to-do list:

  • Suffer through writing a blurb
  • Work on the maps and get them ready for print.
    • World
    • Lorendia
    • Maikaden
    • Gri’Ran’s Gate
    • Kia-Mor
    • Bar’Am
    • Gri’Ran’s Rest
  • Edit and send it off to my beta reader.
  • Send info to my designer and commission the cover.
    • Booked for mid October
  • Update to cover of book 1
    • Booked and organised
  • More edits.
  • Send to proofreader.
  • Read through book 1, followed by a re-read of book 2, and ensure everything is right.
  • Finalise ornamental art for chapter and sections.
  • Set up interiors:
    • The Lowest Realm
    • The Darkest Realm
  • Send final page counts to designer.
  • Plan some sort of launch party
  • Set up preorders.
  • Launch.


I’m continuing to clear out copies of The Lowest Realm to make space for the updated copies. As such, these are now available for $12.50 each plus postage. Unfortunately, postage is still kinda high due to Aus Post. I’m continuing to try and find a cheaper method. Visit the SHOP to check it out.

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