Not Much to Report

I was hoping to have a huge update around now with dates for a cover reveal / launch for The Darkest Realm, and relaunch deets for The Lowest Realm, but unfortunately my publishing team have been super busy. I highly doubt that anything will be ready by November 9th as I’d hoped, but it is what it is. I just know it will be worth the wait 😀

I’m finally happy with my designs on Redbubble, so they will be ready to launch in time with The Darkest Realm. Just today, I’ve had issues with other ‘designers’ stealing my artwork and listing it as their own. Not cool – I paid a lot of money for the artwork and the exclusive license, so this person has breached usage rules. If you do go to buy something, please make sure it it’s from my account, AmyAlexCampbell.

I have commissioned another piece of artwork which I’m super excited about…but this one is a surprise 😀 It should be ready in a few days!

Yesterday I received my 2nd vaxx, so I will be returning to work on Tuesday 🙁
Being able to spend these last 4 months working on my writing has been the best 4 months ever. It has allowed me to focus on my stories and get them to a level that I’m happy and proud of. Unfortunately I need money to pay my bills, so until my writing pays enough that I can draw an income, leaving work isn’t an option (so cough cough please buy my books lol).

As for Tysion’s Story – I’m just over 30k words now. I’ve been a little slack on updating the tracker as I’ve had to stop and rework some of the back story to ensure it aligns with the main story. I’ve also had to build my cult from the ground up, and this has taken hours of watching vids of real cults. There was a lot to cover, but I’m confident my cult will be amazing 😛

Tysion’s Story is a spin-off, kind of like Rogue One / Solo in terms of Star Wars. It won’t be released until some time after The Darkest Realm. It is not essential for The Miscreant, but it is deep enough for a story and it’s one I love so freaking much.

Book 3 – The Final Realm is on pause while I work on Tys and Ashy, but not for too long. I hope to resume work on this real soon so I can tie it all off. At this stage we’re looking like it will be a trilogy – I’m praying to Am that I don’t get forced to write a book 4. Sometimes these things can’t be helped!

Patreon: I’m going to hold off on posting a Patreon update until I get more news. Remember that Patreons get exclusive early access to cover reveals, and instead of a boring page of text, you get to see a video of me rambling on about it! For ore info, check out my Patreon HERE.

That’s all for now. Hang tight my loves, I’ll have some proper updates for you all soon.

Much love,
AAC <3

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