Cafè Explores: Max Brenner, Blacktown.

Today, my chai latte cravings took me to Westpoint in Blacktown. There are a number of cafès in this centre who do good coffee, but many of them are kiosks that makes writing a little harder.

My quest had me looking all over for a little place called Ricco’s, but despite trudging upstairs to lvl 3, I couldn’t find it. I may have been in the wrong place, so next time I’ll try again.

Coffee Club, one of my fave places in Westpoint, were busy, and I wanted to try somewhere I haven’t been for a long time. And so I decided to try Max Brenner, an old fave.

Image borrowed from Westpoint’s Facebook page.

As I mentioned to the lass who served me, it’s a little odd that a lactose intolerant person would choose to visit a Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. They do good coffee though, and I love the spacious room and ambiance there.

This time, I got to sit in the back corner on a comfy padded bench seat, and sip at my chai latte. It was frothy in a fancy glass, and of course it was yummy.

This is a good place to sit and write. I totally intended to order more drinks and a bite to eat, but time ran away from me as the words finally started flowing. I managed to push through the wall that has been blocking my story’s progress for the last few days, so I’m really happy!

The ambiance was relaxing. I was there for a good half hour – 45 mins before I realised I’d forgoten to hit play on my music! It wasn’t til a group of ladies started laughing loudly that I realised I needed my word juice aka music 🤣

A few years back, Max Brenner went through some financial difficulties and many of their stores were closed. Blacktown is lucky to still have one, and out of the 3 I’ve been to, is by far the best. Overall, this was a great visit and I will definitely be back to write here!

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