A Sneak Peek

I haven’t had much news lately to warrant posting an update, so I’ve been sharing my little cafe visits instead just to keep things fresh. Today, though, I finally feel like I can share with you a sneak peek of the cover of The Darkest Realm and a few other snippets!

So without further ado:

I am so freaking excited about this – I think I keep saying that same thing every time I post but it’s true!


November is NaNoWriMo month, which sends authors into a frenzy to write an entire book in a month. I did this back in 2019 and it was a flop; November is a super busy month for me, especially with the increase in sales events at work (Click Frenzy / Black Friday / Cyber Monday). But this year, with the encouragement of Kon and #WRITEboyslove, I decided to participate in a slightly different capacity.

I’ve been doing a LOT of work on Tysion’s Story. Due to work, I actually started writing this in October, and was at around 30k words when NaNo started. My goal is to write the remaining 20k words to finish off the story (which I’m increasing – see the tracker on the right of the screen > )

A screenshot that shows progress for Tysion's Story during NaNoWriMo. Overall word count is 52,711 and word count for NaNo is 19,320.

I’ve created a private project for the overall count – since I started pre-November, I felt like I was cheating a little. I just don’t have time to write in Nov though so too bad lol.

This is a side story, sort of like Solo / Rogue One in comparison to Star Wars. Although it’s almost finished, I won’t be releasing this for a while.

Fair Day 2022

I have applied for a stall at Fair Day which is in Feb 2022. It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not FD will be going ahead yet, but if it does, Davo and I will be there. If I can’t launch The Darkest Realm sooner, then this will be my absolute deadline for a launch. Even if I have to go ahead with the unedited copy for now (which I really don’t want to do).

That’s about it from me for now. If you want to be first to see the full cover reveal, don’t forget to sign up to my Patreon. I’ll be adding the reveal there before the big launch. I’ll also be adding a video update on there hopefully this afternoon with the next chapter of Catalogue of Disaster.

So stay tuned, folks! Thanks so much for your continued patience and hopefully I’ll be ready to launch soon!

Much love <3

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  1. Whoa, even with that little peek off the top makes me feel like it’s going to be a sick cover. Great work there. Thanks for sharing!

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