Cafè Explores: Caffe Cherry Beans, Mt Druitt.

This morning, I decided to get to work an hour early and stop by the newish Caffe Cherry Beans in Westfield, Mt Druitt. This cafe used to be Espresso Warriors for the longest time and I haven’t been here since it changed.

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One of the things I love about this cafe is the long bench seat that runs down the entire wall. It’s comfy enough to sit on for long writing stints, that’s for sure. They also have a small single stemmed rose in a little bottle on the table which is super cute!

I ordered a fresh squeezed OJ, a flat white with lactose free milk, and a ‘small breakfast’. I’m glad I didn’t order the large! It was so good though – the eggs had subtle seasoning that really set them apart from other breakfasts I’ve bought out. They didn’t burn the bacon, either!

As for the coffee, my palate is used to Gloria Jeans coffee blend, so my taste was a bit off for this one. That’s ok though – it’s a me problem, not the barista’s fault. I firmly believe that if you switch from your regular coffee, it can be hard to adjust to the taste of different blends. For the longest time I couldn’t stand Gloria Jeans, but now they are my fave.

As for the chai latte, I didn’t order one (I needed coffee!) I’ll grab one take-away and update this post later with the verdict!

(Update: they gave me a normal latte not a chai latte. That’ll teach me for cheating on Gloria Jeans 😂)

Anywho, the staff were lovely and I felt most welcome. I will DEFINITELY come back here since it’s not far from work and life <3

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  1. What’s with all this ‘going out of the house’ stuff. Who are you and what have you done with Amy-Alex?

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