New Year, New Me?

Hello all! Welcome to another new year! I wonder what 2022 will bring…

Before I ramble on about nothing, please disregard the Bin Chicken! Post. That one’s a work in progress and will be announced soon if I go through with it!

I’m a little over half way through the rewrite for The Lowest Realm, and my proofreader has just begun work on The Darkest Realm. All of a sudden I have lots to do and I can’t help but feel the pressure. But hey, that’s self publishing for you!

So just before Christmas, I found out I was a close contact of a positive covid case. I was thrust into isolation for 7 days while I waited for symptoms or my day 6 negative result.

Thankfully I was negative, and my parents came and stayed for 3 precious days. I hadn’t seen them for 2 years due to covid border closures, so it was good to see them again. We got to spend New Years together which was priceless.

You may hear a little less from me this month while I work on these releases, but never fear – I’ll keep you posted!

Much love,

Amex 💜

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