Book Launch: The Darkest Realm

It’s finally here, folks!! The Darkest Realm lives, after two years and three rewrites in the making! Without further ado, here is the stunning cover (and link to pre-order it):


I have spent the last 2 weeks busting my backside to get this done in time for Fair Day. For those who don’t know, Fair Day is THE day for me. It’s organised by Sydney Mardi Gras, and is a day where queer peeps can hold their own stalls and sell their gear / offer their services. My first stall was back in 2019 pre-Covid (see post HERE), and was a great experience. This year, I’ll have EFTPOS, stickers, and 4 different books to sell!

Of course, the success of Fair Day hinges on whether or not I can get my paperbacks in time. I have just 3 weeks to get them all in…

Anyways, my 3rd announcement will be tomorrow! If you attended the Facebook Live, you will have already seen it 😉 Stay tuned and I’ll do another post when I have the paperbacks!

Much love,
Amex <3

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