Pride Bin Chickens!

Happy Saturday! It’s time for the 3rd announcement this week. Can I get a drum roll?

It’s no secret – I have a thing about the Aussie bin chickens; they even inspired my Black Ibis Cult in The Miscreant.

I’ve been working on my drawing skills a bit lately, and wanted to challenge myself. I see so many pride critters in the flag colours that I wanted to do something a bit different (it would have been axolotls, but those have been done to death already). Then I saw a bin chicken holding something in its beak and I thought to myself: I could do a bin chicken holding a flag!
And so the drawing began.

The stickers are available in two places: HERE on my site, and on Red Bubble HERE.
Why am I reselling the stickers on my site you ask? The answer is to save postage, of course. Living isn’t cheap! So if someone buys a copy of my book, they can add in a sticker or three and won’t incur any extra postage. Or, if they just want some stickers, it will only cost $1.50 which is the price of the envelope and postage. I will have these to sell at Fair Day as well.

I had a lot of fun drawing these so I hope you like them too!

bin chicken holding a pride flag in its beak
Is your flag missing? Contact me and I can easily add it for you!

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