Unpublishing and Proofs

Eep! How exciting! After driving my bestie crazy and having a set of proofs sent to her, mine finally arrived today as well. Given the time sensitivity of this, I ordered Sarah a set since she lives in Victoria and in theory should receive hers quicker. At 11am today we Facetimed and I could see there were a few small issues that needed fixing. I rushed home from work and got here in time for mine to arrive, and jumped straight in to fixing those issues.

If you look closely at the border for TDR, you will see the cover has been cut incorrectly which looks rather bad. I’ve emailed to awesome team at IngramSpark and they will be in touch. In the mean time, I’ve just ordered $500 worth of stock. Let’s hope that the issue is fixed as I can’t wait any longer to order for Fair Day.

Unpublishing Woes

Today I finally took the plunge and unpublished Catalogue of Disaster. As much as I love the story, I know it needs a lot of work. I feel like this story is now a risk to my brand since I’ve worked so hard to improve my writing skills over the years. But never fear, this is another project that I plan to rewrite from scratch and flesh it out into something akin to Beneath the Grandstand. The rewrite will be an entirely new story titled Within the Archives, and will be much kinkier and deeper than the current product.

Fair Day 2022

Fair Day is coming! Sunday Feb 20th at Sydney Park, Alexandria. I’ll definitely be there selling and signing books, and selling my bin chicken stickers too. My dear friend Davo Hardy will be there too with his films and wit. Come along and say hi!

That’s all for now peeps. I’ll post another update once I have stock to show!

Much love,

Amex <3

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  1. Hi,even though you feel you need to rewrite the whole book l loved the story, June saying lol, keep doing what you are doing and lm sure it will be great xx

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