Back to writing…finally!

Now that I’ve had a break, I’m almost back to writing again. The Lowest Realm is getting a final pass-over to fix a few typos I missed (sorry!), and I have just a few minor things to update in The Darkest Realm. Things you won’t notice, but I know they are there and it bugs me every single time I see them.

As tempted as I have been to jump over and start writing Within the Archives, my heart and mind are both focused on finishing The Miscreant and bring the story to a close. Today as a part of WRIMOboyslove, I sat down and plotted out the key scenes I’ll be working my way towards. I’ve listed the things that have to happen, and any minor things that I need to tie up. I just hope I can do all that in one book! I really don’t want to split it into a fourth book.

And of course, once I finish The Final Realm, I can finish off the ending of Tysion’s story too. My rough goal is to have these released by Fair Day 2023 – fingers crossed!

WBL starts on Tuesday Aussie time, so from that day you should hopefully start to see the tracker on the right of the screen increasing daily. The goal is to write 30k words during March, though I hope to write a lot more. Uni starts Monday too, so I need to ensure I make time to study as well.

I’m lucky enough to already have the cover of The Final Realm done. As always, my Patreon supporters get to see it first before everyone else.

A blank black cover that says "The Final Realm Amy-Alex Campbell - Book 3 of The Miscreant. Cover to be revealed.

Another thing I wanted to mention is TikTok. I’ve been drawing some small maps and uploading the videos, and they seem to be quite popular. So if you’re on the Tok, make sure you follow me to see what I’m up to. Click HERE to visit my TikTok.

And finally: if you write any form of boys love (man loves man), do join us on Twitter with the #WRITEboyslove tag. WRIMO kicks off on March 1st <3

A blackboard in front of a rainbow background with a cute anime man wearing a blue top. The blackboard says #WRITEboyslove: A new and fun Twitter game for writers of MM fantasy sci-fi, romance and erotica.

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