March…The Quiet Month (not)

Do you ever make plans for a certain day, week, or month, knowing that it is usually quiet and is the perfect time to do something special…only to have it completely derail and end up being the busiest days of your life?

Yeah. Me too.

March was supposed to be MY month. A quiet, uneventful, perfect writing month. I set aside the entire 31 days for writing, which should have been perfect for WRIMOboyslove. Well, it seems that the gods have frowned upon that idea and have doomed me to the busiest month of my friggen life!

So what’s been going on?

Between now and my birthday (2ndd March), half of Australia flooded – again. We only just flooded a year ago, and here we are flooding again. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch peoples houses and businesses go under. Images in the media of places like Lismore Library throwing out their destroyed books tore me in half. I will donate some of my books when they are ready to take donations.

Last week, I had to visit Parramatta for an appointment (one of 6 appointments in 3 days – more on that later). The trains were out of whack due do damaged tracks and flooding, so I was lucky to get there at all. While I was in the area, I ventured down to the next block to check out the ferry terminal (this is mentioned in Beneath the Grandstand). The river was so swollen and gushing over what is usually the walkways.

The rest of that week was taken up with medical appointments. I’m fine, but it was stressful at the time. My few days off were gobbled up by going here, there, and everywhere. One of them was an eye test, and it turns out I am short sighted and now require glasses for distance, and glasses for when I’m working on the computer. Sigh.

The day after my birthday, I caught up with my friend in Ashfield and we visited the grandstand that was featured in Beneath the Grandstand. I took some photos which I’ll eventually add to an album for that book. I’ll post those in a different post soon.

A photo of a grandstand. The sky is grey and stormy, and the concrete foreground is wet from the heavy Sydney rains.
(c) Amy-Alex Campbell

Anyways, this Saturday I had to go to a wedding down in Bonnyrigg. It was really nice and the food was AMAZING! Best wedding food I’ve ever had besides my own. I was lucky enough to have yesterday and today off, but this afternoon I had yet another appointment, ugh.

Next weekend I’m hosting a 50th bday party, then the Friday after that I have to attend my nephew’s engagement party. Then I have more appointments, before the calendar flicks over to April. Ugh! Oh, uni has started too. It’s week 3 and I’m already behind lol.

So yeah, it’s a crazy month indeed!

Whoopy do. What about writing??

I have written a little for The Final Realm, but my mind keeps switching back to TLR. My beta/proofer gave me some invaluable feedback to make it even better, and identifies all of the issues I’ve been having with this story. It’s frustrating as I’ve only just re-released it after the big rewrite, and now I’m rewriting it again. This time, though, I’ll be releasing it as a second edition.

For those who already bought an older version of TLR, stand by and I’ll send you a free ARC of the second edition. Email me at to register your interest.

That’s all for now folks. Don’t forget to follow me on TikTok so you can see my cool map vids!

Much love,

AAC <3

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  1. Don’t worry you will be in the next month shortly, and look back and say yay l made it,l have nearly every month this and say next month will be better lol yeah right
    Keep plugging along you will make it. Cheers

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