A Bit of a Facelift

Last year I was notified that the theme I use for this website was made redundant and is no longer available. I won’t lie, I was a little annoyed. I’ve been testing different themes but none of them display the way I want.

Today, I decided eff it, and had a play around with the colours of this theme. The layout is the same, but it looks refreshed and a bit more modern. What do you think?

A few changes have been made to my store. I no longer sell DVDs as those films can be purchased or streamed on the director’s website. I’m in the process of designing some new ibis stickers and pronoun pins. New products (hopefully) coming soon.

The covers of The Lowest Realm and The Darkest Realm against a forrest background

My rewrite of The Lowest Realm is coming along nicely. I’m almost half way through, but as always, life has been interfering with my writing time. My goal is to finish this, have it edited and proofed, and have it published in time for Fair Day. The second edition will be published under a new ISBN and the first edition will be discontinued. For those who already have an older paperback, I’ll think of a way to offer the 2nd ed at a cheaper price. Watch this space.

The final piece of news is a little on the sad side. I’ve recently been diagnosed with lymphedema, so I’ve been in and out of different appointments for tests and scans. Thankfully I’m only in stage 1, so it’s at least manageable. With the stress of this and other factors, I had to admit defeat and apply for a leave of absence from uni. I was already 2 weeks behind, and given the legalities of my field, I can’t afford to miss anything due to rushing. I shall resume my studies in 2023 and hopefully get this blasted degree finished!

That’s all for now. I just want to take a moment to thank those who have followed me since day 1 and have encouraged and supported me on this journey. You all mean the world to me <3

Much love,
~Amex xox

6 Comments on “A Bit of a Facelift

  1. All my best to you mate! Sorry I haven’t been around, but I just can’t face twitter and other social media sites atm thanks to all the fucktards there. I’m always available to DM! Miss you.

    • Thank you 💜
      Yeah I’m hardly on Twitter much these days. I’m too old for all the drama that lives there. Always available via DM too xox

    • What do you think of the new colours vs the old wooden look? It’s ok if you think its ugly lol

  2. We all face road blocks in our lives but l am sure you will get around this,you rock girl xxx

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