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After almost a year of hard work, The Lowest Realm – 2nd ed. is now available for pre-order!

This edition is more than just a slight edit or update. It’s an entirely new work with a new ISBN. I thought I’d briefly go over what awaits you in the second ed.

1. Reworked the original plot and tensions so that the timeline and attitudes flow properly.
2. Integrated some new tension that ties TLR in with TDR better.
3. Removed the cringe sex scenes and some of the lovey-dovey stuff.
4. Improved character development.
5. Included more of the prophecy verses.
6. Added more action and excitement.

Overall, I’m super excited for this edition. When I first wrote and released this story, it was only ever going to be one book. When I got to the end, though, I had a genius moment and decided that there had to be a book 2. And 3. And an accompanying story…you get the drift. So, this second edition is much better written and hopefully lifts the story up to where it needs to be when it comes to reading book 2.


Feb 19, 2023 – I will once again be attending Fair Day which is a part of World Pride Sydney. I’ll be pre-launching the paperbacks as a Fair Day-only treat – the paperbacks and eBooks won’t be available until 23 March. Joining me is Michael Stoneburner, author of Silver and a range of other fab titles. Be sure to check them out!

At Fair Day, I’ll have copies of my books available for purchase along with my very own ibis pronoun pins and pride pins. So make sure you come and support us and our community.

I will update more as we get closer to the event.

Much love,
Amex <3

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