May Update

Hi everyone! It’s been over a month since I posted last because I’ve had zero writing news to share whatsoever. I felt that it’s time for a small update on my life so that no one thinks I’ve fallen off the planet.


In just four weeks time I’m having surgery. It will be a 2 – 4 week recovery so I’ve booked the entire month off work. While the surgery itself is considered major, I’m in great health and this is an investment into my future health.

I was originally booked for this month, but I got covid 2 weeks before my date so it got pushed back 7 weeks by the hospital. I’m lucky that my symptoms were minor and I made a super quick recovery.


Because of surgery I’ve been studying super hard so that I can meet my assignment deadlines. I haven’t done any writing since this semester started except for academic reports. My final assignment is due just a few days before my surgery date so I can’t afford to slack off.

I’m so looking forward to resuming work on The Final Realm and finishing off the series.


I’ve been so blessed by my muse lately. Just a week after being all clear of covid, I flew to Melbourne and met up with my bro and mate for Ultra Music Festival. Although it was raining and miserable, I still had an amazing time. The positive thing about surgery being moved was that I could at least have a few drinks with the boys and let my hair down. Sadly we left around half way into Hardwell (who we went to see) due to the weather and the shitty venue. I will add that there were some great DJs on the smaller stage and Deb de Luca was the star of our day!

Then, just last weekend (and after wishing several times that they were at Ultra) I went and saw Cosmic Gate in Sydney and OMG they were amazing!! I went to this event by myself and was a bit reserved at first, but once I got up the front and they started I was on cloud 9 (especially when the smoke machine blasted in my face lmao). So that’s 3 EDM events (Above & Beyoned in Dec, Ultra, and Cosmic Gate) I’ve been to in 5 months and honestly I want more!

So that’s all for now. I have a crazy 8 weeks ahead of me but I’ve got this. Thanks so much for all your support and to those who have been buying and borrowing my books on the ‘zon. I appreciate every single one of you so so much!

Much love,

Amex <3

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  1. Super good to read your update cheers to you ❤️

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