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Paperbacks are available anywhere in the world. AAC Publishing Australia uses print on demand (POD) technology, which keeps shipping prices to a minimum. To order your copy, click the PayPal button below. This method is safe and secure.
Any copies ordered in Australia have an added option to be signed by the author. Please indicate this in your PayPal instructions. Due to high costs in worldwide shipping, signed copies are limited to Australia only.

Wholesale: For Libraries and Indie book stores, The Lowest Realm can be ordered through IngramSpark, or directly from the publisher.
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Catalogue of Disaster is also available for free on KU.


To order paperback books, simply click the Pay with PayPal button below. If you would like to order more than one book, please contact us via email or form for instructions for a custom shipping rate.

If you are within Australia and would like to have your copy signed, please indicate this in the PayPal instructions box.

Paperbacks ordered from this website are sent directly from the publisher, and are the cheapest price online. If you are within Western Sydney OR Maryborough Victoria, and would like to organise pickup, contact us via email or form for instructions.

Catalogue of Disaster

Paperback $19.95 RRP + $9.95 postage $29.90


The Lowest Realm

Paperback $26.95 + $9.95 postage $36.90


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