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Small update

After literally hours of scrolling through book covers, I have finally found one that I love and suits the story. I found that a lot of the cheap premade covers use the same stock images from the free sites, and books often share the… Continue Reading “Small update”

A Storm…

A storm is brewing on the edge of town,Even from here I can feel you’re so down,Like the clouds in the sky so full of rainI know that you are eternally in pain. I can’t express these words that I think,I want to write… Continue Reading “A Storm…”


Legs in the air and feathers askew,That’s what I see as I look at you.Left on the pavement to rot all alone,Departed to heaven, your soul has flown. The ants have eaten and the beetles have too,Your death has brought life to more than… Continue Reading “Bird”

A Call for Beta Readers!

I have been somewhat unsuccessful in recruiting beta readers on Facebook. I know there is an amazing community in the blogging world, I have a brief description here – it’s not my official blurb, it’s more temporary until I perfect it. The novel is… Continue Reading “A Call for Beta Readers!”

The Lowest Realm

Life on an offshore oil rig is grueling hard work. For Nika the hard work, isolation and discipline is ideal. On the eve of flying back to the mainland for a two week break, disaster strikes, and Nika is thrown into darkness. When he… Continue Reading “The Lowest Realm”

DIY in every sense of the word

The next conundrum I’m facing is using Adobe InDesign to set up my novel ready for print. Apart from Acrobat, the only Adobe program I’ve used is a very early version of photoshop about 20 years ago (omg I feel old). Although I wrote… Continue Reading “DIY in every sense of the word”

Refound my spark

After last night’s sulking post, I put down my devices and went to bed. This morning I started fresh, and had a look at what other writers are doing. Amazon is not for me. I looked into it, it isn’t very Aussie-friendly. If I… Continue Reading “Refound my spark”

The reality is setting in

Today I spent a bit of time looking up which publishers are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Here in Australia, there are a few publishers who do this, and I have already chosen two to submit with. The sad reality I am facing, is the… Continue Reading “The reality is setting in”

Here we go again

As I lay here in bed on a Sunday morning, I finally bit the bullet and decided to start a blog. I have started so many of these and never maintained them, so hopefully I stay motivated this time. 17 years ago, at 17… Continue Reading “Here we go again”