Premade Map 1


A hand drawn fantasy map!

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All premade fantasy maps are one-of-a-kind and are only ever sold once. If you would like names added, simply email us and we will add them in for you.
These maps are hand drawn so they cannot be altered (except the compass N – we can offer a digital N if preferred).
Your happiness is important, and to achieve this we must have open communication. You can get in touch via email or DM me on any of my social medias.

Can’t find a map you like? We do commissions! Send us an email or DM and we can discuss your needs.

Image description: this map shows a rough D shaped landmass, with a smaller piece of island above. The smaller island has ruins which are surrounded by trees. The main landmass has a mountain range covering the top third, which are interlaced with trees. A hint of a beach can be seen on the north coast. Between the mountains is a small lake which flows into a river which forks into 2 parts and ends in swamp along the east coast. Below the mountains are some foothills, a castle city, and then there is a cool volcano crater surrounded by another forest. There are two smaller villages, some more forest, and a lake to the south. This map would be  suitable for a smaller story where your heroes don’t have to travel far throughout the kingdom. The water area is blank white space, and there is a hand drawn N compass.


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