Premade Map 2


A hand drawn fantasy map!

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All premade fantasy maps are one-of-a-kind and are only ever sold once. If you would like names added, simply email us and we will add them in for you.
These maps are hand drawn so they cannot be altered (except the compass N – we can offer a digital N if preferred).
Your happiness is important, and to achieve this we must have open communication. You can get in touch via email or DM me on any of my social medias.

Can’t find a map you like? We do commissions! Send us an email or DM and we can discuss your needs.

Image description: This map is split in two – the east side is water, and the west is landmass. To the south, there is a raised cliff-landmass in the water that has mountains on it, and the ground is cracked and parched like a wasteland. On the main landmass, starting at the bottom, we have some mountains and foothills in a grassy area. Just above the hills is a long gorge; grass on the east, wasteland on the west that leads into a tiny section of desert. To the east of the desert it a city with a castle, which nestles into a forest. Between the forest and the coast is a swamp. Cutting through the swamp and forest is a wide river that flows north-westerly. This river breaks into a delta at the coast with a few little chunks of landmass. Halfway up the river is a bridge – on the south-west side not far from the city, there is a lake and a small village. Across the river, the bridge cuts through a large forest which has a single mountain in the middle and a cave. To the very north-east corner of the landmass is a medium-sized city, and all the way west is 2 small farms, and another small village that backs onto a lake. There is a tiny boat on the water, and more trees in the north-west corner. This map would be suitable for a story where the heroes don’t have to travel far from the kingdom. There is a road that cuts through the waste, so there is potential for future expansion if your story turns epic!


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