1. The Lowest Realm


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Two thousand years ago, humanity came close to the brink of disaster.

With his kingdom ravished by the Holy War, King Za’Haal travelled unto the place of the gods to make a pact. A pact which ended it, for the gods accepted his terms.

But there was a catch—to appease them, Za’Haal and each king thereafter, must sacrifice a son.

Just five hundred years later, the pact was broken and the bloodline died. With no heir to carry out the sacrifice, the world was once again thrown into chaos.

Today, and on the eve of flying out on shore leave for an alcohol-fuelled bender, Nika’s oil rig is met with a terrible disaster. After several large explosions ripple through the rig, it collapses, plunging him into the depths of the sea.

Nika wakes up in a strange world, confused and with no memory of who he is. He’s then thrust into the midst of a great prophecy, and must journey forth with his new friends and the spoilt Princess Iryna.

For the bloodline lives.

Nika must adjust to more than a new world, as his body undergoes changes he does not understand. On top of that, he must also deal with being hunted, forbidden love, mancery, and gods he’s never heard of. Will Nika and his new friends find the blood descendent in time, or will ancient evil foil their plan?

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