Book 1 – Catalogue of Disaster

My inspiration for Catalogue of Disaster sprung from when I was studying the Community Histories subject while in lockdown. One of my assignments called for a fictional library, so of course I used the Marsden Park library.
Then one night, I couldn’t sleep. The idea of the story came to me, and I wrote down the entire plot outline on the notes app on my phone. I did not go to sleep until 5am. As soon as I woke up, I started writing the story.

CoD is a rapid paced short story, meant to be a bit of fun. I wanted to showcase the Aussie way of life, especially here in Western Sydney. In a way, this book is a prologue in itself for the series.

Spoiler alert: Click for a discussion about Jake from CoD

Jake is a male version of me; if I could cut out my male side and spawn him into a person, that would be him. He is young and keen, very smart and dedicated to his career. He desperately wants to find someone, but every time he begins a relationship, it fizzles out.

He finds out during the story that he fits under the demisexual umbrella – he is only sexually attracted to people he has a strong connection to. As with all of the rainbow sexualities, no two demisexuals are the same. For Jake, he wants to have sex, but it has never happened. He has never persued that with any of his girlfriends in the past.

The night he finally got Alison home, as much as Jake wanted sex, he really couldn’t connect with her, and as such he couldn’t get aroused (not to mention all of the alcohol he consumed).

Falling in love so quickly with Garret is another part of being demi – once that connection is made with someone, love can be instant and last for as long as that connection exists. I have fallen in ‘love’ with people I’ve never met, based on this phenomenon.

Jake is shocked when he realises he is attracted to Garret. As it turns out, Jake is pansexual – he is attracted to the person, not their gender. Being an academic and intellectual means that Jake processed it and just went with it.

Being the son of a nurse, Jake has grown up with regular {embarrassing and awkward} conversations around sex and STIs, HIV and all that good stuff. He knows about PReP and HIV treatments, as well as all the other STIs. So when he learns about Garret’s HIV, straight away he wants to know what treatment Garret is using.

Garret is a responsible man, Jake knows this. So when Garret breaks the news, Jake is not concerned about transmission because of using protection, PReP, and as we learn, Garret’s treatment which keeps his viral load undetectable.

Garret is a beautiful soul. He keeps others at bay by being the office grump, not to be a rude prick, but because he is afraid to let people close and get hurt again. While it’s not mentioned in the book, Garret is sapiosexual, which means attracted to intelligence. His ex was not that intelligent, so when Jakey-Bum comes along, he is blown away.

Am I done with Jake and Garret?

I had an idea for a book 2, which grows on Jake and Alison’s couch fiasco, but I stopped writing it about half-way in. I might alter this into a short story which could be a free read down the track, or maybe I’ll write the story as I saw it. Or scrap it all together.

My current story, still not titled, has a few sneaky crossovers. Cameron does some shifts at the Marsden Park library / council, and spies Garret from afar. He also crosses paths with Alison. There is another sneaky one, but I’m not going to tell you that. If you find it, email me for a prize 😉

After I wrote Catalogue of Disaster, I knew I wasn’t done with the Marsden Park Library and surrounds. The series has so much potential, and I really wanted to push myself as a writer. I started thinking of ideas, and reflected on my experiences of living in Western Sydney, and working near the infamous Dawson Mall.

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