Content Warnings

As someone who has PTSD, I find content warnings helpful. While I’ve tried to weave the warnings into the blurbs of my books, I feel like I could do it better. Therefore, here is a short list of possible triggers that are in each of my books.

Mild disclaimer: I do not identify as a cis woman, and I do not fetishise gay men. All of my stories to date include sex between two consenting adult men, and all care has been taken to make them as accurate as possible, thanks to my trusted sensitivity readers.

While I’ve done my best to include all possible triggers, if you feel I’ve missed any, please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can add them in.

The Marsden Park Series

Beneath the Grandstand

  1. Childhood physical abuse – off-page references only, and brief mentions throughout the story.
  2. A PTSD trauma response.
  3. Kidnapping.
  4. Mental health – a very brief consideration of self harm. There is talk of depression and anxiety throughout, but in a mostly positive way. Also features a service animal who prevents a panic attack.

No queer deaths occur, and there is a happy ending.

The Miscreant

The Lowest Realm

  1. The world in which this is based is homophobic in nature but is not a central theme. There is mention of a lover who unalived herself due to this in the past. In one scene, the main characters are captured and beaten in a homophobic manner and called a number of slurs relevant in that world.
  2. Religious themes (fictional).

No permanent queer deaths occur.

The Darkest Realm

  1. There is a scene which depicts the slaughter of innocent adults and children.
  2. Religious themes (fictional).
  3. Talk of necromancy, ghosts, and the afterlife (fictional).

No queer deaths occur.

The Final Realm


Tysion’s Story


  1. This story is set in a very homophobic society and takes place before The Miscreant.
    * There is a scene where the main character recalls being beaten by his father for being tepec (Thorington tongue for gay).
    * Another character mentions being blackmailed to perform sexual acts in the past.
    * The main character is arrested and treated poorly for being tepec.
  2. There is a light BDSM scene which includes restraints and spanking.
  3. There is one sex scene in which the main character consents to, but is hurt when his partner is rough and uncaring.

There is one queer death in this story, but he is not one of the beloved main characters.

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