Here are all of the maps presented in The Miscreant.
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The Lowest Realm
The Darkest Realm
The Final Realm – coming in 2023
Legacy Maps

Map of Ayrillis, which is the known world map.
Explored lands of Ayrillis

The Lowest Realm

  1. Kia-Mor
  2. Bar’Am
  3. Gri’Ran’s Rest
Map of Kia-Mor
Map of Bar'Am
Map of Gri'Ran's Rest
Gri’Ran’s Rest

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The Darkest Realm

  1. Lorendia
  2. Maikaden
  3. Gri’Ran’s Gate
Map of Lorendia
Map of Maikaden
Map of Gri'Ran's Gate
Gri’Ran’s Gate

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The Final Realm

This book and the accompanying maps is due to be released approx 2023. Stay tuned!

Legacy Maps

These maps were used in the first release of The Lowest Realm. They will soon be replaced with the newer versions above in time for the relaunch in November 2021. Stay tuned!

Original hand drawn map of the Eastern Isles.
The Eastern Isles
Original hand drawn map of Gri'Ran's Rest.
Gri’Ran’s Rest

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Colourful render of the Eastern Isles.
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