More map making!

I hope you all had a great Christmas (or celebration). For me it was a day off…we did the obligatory visit to the inlaws, then went and watched the new Star Wars film.

After working insane hours in the leadup to Christmas, I am now enjoying 4 days off work. So today I finally started working on the A2 sized world map.

I’m going to mention that the scale of the assets (forests, mountains etc) are still not right – I do need to go A1 to get it right. But for now, I’m working on the A2, as it will enable me to continue with the story. In the photo below, you will see that the sizing is way too big in relation to the Eastern Isles. That’s ok, I’ll do a new one in the new year when I can get to Officeworks.

As always, I took progress pics as I went, just because I can.

Hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow, but I’m not in a rush.

I’m sure some of the names will change as I write the story, and I’ll add things in / remove stuff.

You’ll notice to the north, a place called Gri’Ran’s Gate. I’m thinking of making this a fort, with a stone wall that stretches along the entire Living Forest. But we’ll see, I don’t have any back story regarding Dryads vs Humans, and Dryads would certainly not wish to storm a fortress.


I still have space for lots of names of cities and landmarks, so it’s your turn to get involved! If you would like me to create a name from your name, reply to this post, DM me on FB or Twitter, or email me at, and you could become a part of literature!

Have a safe and happy new year my peeps 💜

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