This section is dedicated to author’s whose work I personally love and endorse. In a way, these will be my personal recs. Please remember that reading tastes are VERY subjective, so while I may love a story, you might just hate it, and vice-versa. Bad mouthing authors and leaving nasty reviews is never cool, mkay?

Kon Blacke

Kon is my dear friend, and I love his work. He writes short and sweet boys love stories that are adorable and kinky! He writes in the style of Japanese boys love, which translates to men loving men (all boys are aged 18+).
I beta read all his work, so I can say that all of the books he’ll be releasing are worth a read. His first release, Dripping Sweet, is a collection of 3 of these short stories. The first story of the 3 is my fave in this collection.

Click on the images below to check out his website and Smashwords page!

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This page is a work in progress, and low on my priority list. It will be updated occasionally. Now, back to writing!

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