Small update

After literally hours of scrolling through book covers, I have finally found one that I love and suits the story. I found that a lot of the cheap premade covers use the same stock images from the free sites, and books often share the same image even though it looks different.

I don’t mean any disrespect to the designers out there, nor the writers that use them (and let’s face it, some do look amazing), but these covers were not for me. I wanted to stand out without paying too much for a custom job.

The cover I found looks more like traditional old school fantasy, and gave me the same feel as the books I used to find and read in the library. This designer, Warren, is so different from all the rest; I’m thinking about buying 2 more just so I don’t miss out for the next books!

I should hear from him on Friday for the next steps, but it will cost me $69 + $25 to swap one image (spoiler alert: there are no dragons in this book).

Here is a teaser of the cover:

I love this dragon, but it has to go.

Apart from the cover, I have purchased a block of ISBNs, and I have sent out my manuscript to 2 beta readers, plus I swapped my first chapter with another writer.

So after the betas, I just have to make any changes that they pick up, then send it off to the editor. I’m aiming to have this done in time for Christmas – it will be a great present for my friends and family haha!

I’m still open to more beta readers – hit me up!

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