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More Artwork & Maps!

Howdy folks! I’m so excited to show off the latest piece of artwork – this time it’s Ashavan and Tysion, who you will meet in book 2 and 3 of The Miscreant. Tysion will also be getting his own spin-off story too, but that’s… Continue Reading “More Artwork & Maps!”

20 Years On

Twenty years ago, a major event occurred in the United States that shook the world. I was reflecting with hubs about this last night, and we both shared our stories of how it affected us when we heard the news. Remember, I’m an Aussie… Continue Reading “20 Years On”


One of the more challenging aspects of self publishing is marketing. Not everyone has studied this at a university level, and therefore has no idea on how to present themselves to the world and get their name out there. Another challenge is connecting with… Continue Reading “#WRITEboyslove”

Maps for The Miscreant

Howdy folks! The maps for The Lowest Realm and The Darkest Realm are coming along really well! Here is a sneak peak: Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding them into the map sections of the site (see Writers > Map Making &… Continue Reading “Maps for The Miscreant”

New Character Artwork

I’m not crying, you are! I recently commissioned artwork of Freyne and Nika to celebrate the completion of The Darkest Realm. OMG, it’s amazing 😭 I’m usually a heartless cow, but this made my eyes misty. Where am I up to? Suffer through writing… Continue Reading “New Character Artwork”

TDR Is Finished!

Happy August, everyone! I bring you great and exciting news!! I’ve deliberately held off posting in my blog until now. I am so excited to announce that The Darkest Realm is FINALLY complete!! It has taken me 2 years, three different versions, to get… Continue Reading “TDR Is Finished!”

Announcement! Patreon!

Big news, folks! Today is the two year anniversary of finishing off the draft of The Lowest Realm. To celebrate, I’m launching my shiny new Patreon! For those who don’t know what this is, Patreon is a way to support your favorite artists. There… Continue Reading “Announcement! Patreon!”

Update from Lockdown

Howdy awesome peeps! I have no idea what day or week we’re in now….week 3 or 4 I think? I haven’t really been paying attention as usual. Since lockdown 2.0 started, I have been working on The Darkest Realm, and oh em gee, I… Continue Reading “Update from Lockdown”

Back in Lockdown

Howdy folks! It’s been a while since I posted last. As always, life has been busy, and I’d been forced to concentrate my energies on my day job and a few other things. As of 6pm yesterday, the Greater Sydney region has gone into… Continue Reading “Back in Lockdown”

Book Sale!

For a limited time, I am offering signed copies of The Lowest Realm for $15 when purchased direct from my online store (Australia only). For those outside of Australia, you can alternatively purchase a signed bookplate for $5.95 + free shipping worldwide. CLICK HERE… Continue Reading “Book Sale!”