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Inspiration Board

First of all, Happy Easter! I hope you all had a safe long weekend and didn’t eat too much chocolate 🙂 I’ve been in a bit if a slump lately and haven’t written anything for a couple of months. I’m hesitant to call it… Continue Reading “Inspiration Board”

What an Eventful Month

I thought I would share another quick update just so you know where I’m up to. I’m still working on The Darkest Realm (thankyou to the person who has already pre-ordered a copy!). I’ve plotted most of Between the Lines, I’m just figuring out… Continue Reading “What an Eventful Month”

Where Do I Start?

One of the main questions I get asked by new writers is, “Where do I start?” You have an amazing story idea in your head that you just KNOW is a best seller, and you’re dying to get it down on paper. But when… Continue Reading “Where Do I Start?”

New Podcast

Howdy!I came across a new feature of WordPress that allows me to convert my posts into podcasts. This is so cool from an accessibility stand point. So now people can listen to a robot ramble on and on instead of having to read it!… Continue Reading “New Podcast”

Market Day!

Today was the big day! I dragged my butt out of bed at 4:30am, packed Davo’s car, and we headed off to market. Thankfully the roads are somewhat abandoned at 5:30 in the morning, so we were making good time.Until I sent us the… Continue Reading “Market Day!”

Upcoming Event!

Now that Covid restrictions are lessening here in Sydney, my film director friend and I have decided that it’s time to host a meet and greet. Due to Fair Day being cancelled this year, we’ve had to look outside the box for ideas. We’ve… Continue Reading “Upcoming Event!”

Oh, Crap.

Hello! Now that work has finally settled down into a quiet normalcy, I have more time, energy and brain power to get some writing done. I’m pleased to say I’ve just passed 15,000 words in The Darkest Realm 3.0, and it’s coming along rather… Continue Reading “Oh, Crap.”

I Made A List!

I woke up this morning to find that I’d been tagged in a post on Twitter. After checking my notifications, I was chuffed to read that Beneath the Grandstand was one of Kyler Warhol’s Top 9 fave books of 2020! Click HERE to see… Continue Reading “I Made A List!”

A Year on… From Flames to Rain

Seeing all my friends post their wrap-ups on 2020 on Facebook has put me in a somewhat reflective mood. Along with posting my own goals and achievements, I’ve been looking back at this time last year. One of the photos that jumped out at… Continue Reading “A Year on… From Flames to Rain”

A Christmas Story

‘Twas six more sleeps before Santa arrived, to distribute all the material objects that seem to make children so happy. The shopping centers were filled with frantic folk, doing the last of their Christmas shopping, and buying up as much toilet paper as they… Continue Reading “A Christmas Story”