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A Year on… From Flames to Rain

Seeing all my friends post their wrap-ups on 2020 on Facebook has put me in a somewhat reflective mood. Along with posting my own goals and achievements, I’ve been looking back at this time last year. One of the photos that jumped out at… Continue Reading “A Year on… From Flames to Rain”

A Christmas Story

‘Twas six more sleeps before Santa arrived, to distribute all the material objects that seem to make children so happy. The shopping centers were filled with frantic folk, doing the last of their Christmas shopping, and buying up as much toilet paper as they… Continue Reading “A Christmas Story”

Christmas is here

Another bloody Christmas is here. I know I should feel excited, and show my festive spirit or whatever it’s called. But this year, I’m being a grinch. There is only one gift I want this year, and it’s not some cheap junk, a dvd… Continue Reading “Christmas is here”

From Bathurst to Kandos to Mudgee

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Given the ramp up in retail as Christmas approaches, I’ve been having a small break while trying to keep my sanity. Thankfully for relaxed Covid restrictions, we were able to get away and head out West… Continue Reading “From Bathurst to Kandos to Mudgee”

New Release!!

Hello!!OMG, It’s finally here!!!! Thanks so much to all of you who pre-ordered a paperback or eBook. The paperbacks are still slightly delayed due to Covid, but I should hopefully get them tomorrow. They are in the local AusPost facility where they have been… Continue Reading “New Release!!”

catalogue of disaster update!

Hello frens! I’ve been holding off from posting until I had all of this finalised… Behind the scenes, I’ve been quietly working on updating Catalogue of Disaster to iron out a few wrinkles. A refresh of the cover to bring it in line with… Continue Reading “catalogue of disaster update!”

Special Offer!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Beneath the Grandstand, I am offering a limited offer on paperbacks. Between now and Nov 1, if you pre-order Beneath the Grandstand, you will get Catalogue of Disaster for 1/2 price – $9.98! To take advantage of this… Continue Reading “Special Offer!”

Sunday’s cover reveal!

I’m sure everyone is sick of me posting this all over my social media channels. But this Sunday I’ll be doing a live video of the cover and title reveal. To say I’m excited is an understatement – I have never done an official… Continue Reading “Sunday’s cover reveal!”

Writer’s block and why I don’t believe in it

As a writer, if you haven’t already, you will one day inevitably experience the phenomena that is known as Writer’s Block. In a way, it is a right of passage in the literary world; it’s something we love to complain about on Twitter and… Continue Reading “Writer’s block and why I don’t believe in it”

The Demons Within

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the identity of the author and what they’ve written–and indeed if they are qualified to write them. What’s… The Demons Within My thoughts on this I came across this post by one of my fave… Continue Reading “The Demons Within”