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New Lore Section

Today I have been playing around with the website. I have added some sub-menus so I can keep the header neat and tidy, and introduced a Lore section for The Miscreant. So far, I have uploaded the maps from book 1 in both pen… Continue Reading “New Lore Section”

Flash sale

Hello! Today, I have been able to upgrade my website to allow an integrated store right here on my site! This means no redirections to other websites, everything is kept in one place, and is super easy to use. It is powered by Woo… Continue Reading “Flash sale”

Cat armour!

Inspiration strikes us at the strangest (and most inconvenient) times. I’m up to 55k words in my #wip, and I have been having sudden snippets of random ideas come to me for The Darkest Realm (Miscreant book 2). For one, I’m going to ‘ditch… Continue Reading “Cat armour!”

online store launch!

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new online store! Storenvy is a new type of store – it encompasses a social media-type-platform the enables users to follow their fave stores, and like/share to Facebook. I’ve been trialing a number of different… Continue Reading “online store launch!”

Happy July!

Hello! I can’t believe it’s July already. I wonder what disaster we’ll get this month? I had something interesting happen the other night, while I was working on my novel (still very focused on this project btw, that’s why I haven’t posted for a… Continue Reading “Happy July!”

The Marsden Park Series

Since when did May end?? I swear I just posted a week ago…..and now we’re halfway through June! I doubt that anyone actually missed my posts or me…(except my number 1 fan, my mother ❤️ Hi Donk!) I’ve been back at work for a… Continue Reading “The Marsden Park Series”

Paperbacks are here!

It’s raining books! Head on over to the book store to get your copy today 😁

WIP – What will she publish next?!

Hello! It feels like it’s been months since my last post, but it’s only been a week or so. Quick update: paperbacks are on their way! I’ve had mixed reviews with Catalogue of Disaster- it seems that people either love it or hate it.… Continue Reading “WIP – What will she publish next?!”


G’day folks! I just wanted to post a quick update regarding paperbacks. I am having trouble ordering from my POD printer at the moment, due to an issue on their website. Therefore there will be a bit longer delay before I can get some… Continue Reading “Paperbacks”

Reviews and bias

Happy (or not so happy) Monday! I’m going to take a step away from writing and promoting for a moment, and talk about reviews. I’m not talking the quick two-line 5* review that we leave when we’re happy with a product or service. I’m… Continue Reading “Reviews and bias”