The Beginning is in sight

I say the beginning is in sight, not the end. Because this book being published is not the end of the journey. It’s truly the beginning.

This week has been crazy at my day job; being in retail, we are starting to get busy with the leadup to school holidays next week, and then Christmas. I am out of routine with writing, and have hardly touched my manuscript for a week. I’m stuffed. I need a break.

My ms is with the editor until October 5th, I’m eager to see the results but also a bit nervous. My editor is really nice and helpful though, so I feel like I’m in good hands.

I received the feedback from another beta reader which was positive. The reader was confused by a few things, so hopefully the editor picks up on that.

This morning, I assigned the title to ISBN, so in a few days my book should be searchable. This means I can then add it to Goodreads and set up my author profile on the platform.

And finally, I had been seeing a lot of talk about NaNoWriMo, and had no idea what this was. NaNoWriMo stands for National No el Writing Month, and takes place during November. The goal is to write a novel on 50k words during the month. So we’ll see if I can’s smash out at least half of The Darkest Realm in that time 😀

I’m aiming for the book launch to be on November 9th. I chose this date as my MC’s birthday, because it’s the same day as my eldest axolotl, Chernobyl.

As it turns out, the birthday of my friend whose name I used for the character, also has his birthday on that date! I had only been told this 17 years ago, so I was freaked out when Gregg mentioned it.

The other freaky thing: I made a random sinple name for the wife of one of my characters. It turned out that I used the real name of his real wife! I didn’t realise this til I saw him tag her in something on FB.

No wonder I’m so tired, my subconscious has been working relentlessly behind the scenes!!

I’m almost there…just a few minor things to do and I’ll finally be published!

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