Another update and a character release!

I’m sure anyone who actually reads my posts are probably sick of seeing me write ‘I’m almost there!’. Heck, I’m sick of myself haha!

I’m still doing a lot of those little in-between jobs. Last night I applied for US tax exemption so I don’t have to pay their taxes; seeing as I will have to charge GST here, I would be handling two lots and I don’t want to have to lodge a USA return.

Amazon KDP has one small form to fill in. IngramSpark have 9 comprehensive forms, each one must be filled out and signed, before scanning and uploading. Pretty crazy!

Here’s the rest of my to-do list:

  • Commission a greylead sketch. ✅
  • Commission my book cover designer to do the graphics for the title page.✅
  • Create smaller copies of my world map and the Eastern Isles. *TONIGHT*
  • 2 days to go until:
  • Apply any editing changes when the ms returns from editor.
  • List on IngramSpark and hopefully order myself a test copy.
  • Order author copies and post out a few copies.
  • Upload to Amazon as an eBook.
  • Have a launch on November 9th!
A sneak peak of my title page, courtesy of my amazing graphics designer Warren Design.
The sketch I commissioned on Fiverr by IMarts.

So now for another reveal that I haven’t released on my other social media channels.

This sketch will be found on the first page of the book. This cat was our family cat when my brother and I were growing up.

When we moved to the country, we lived on 10 acres of land right on the edge of ‘the bush’. Everywhere we kids went, the cat would come too. He wasn’t our pet, he was subordinate to no one.

And so I present to you Arnie Swartzenegger, who is honoured as Arnie-Kyn in The Lowest Realm.

His cattitude and sarcasm I present is everything I imagined as a child. He would join us on adventures, and always take over the bed if he slept inside.

Love you Arnie 💜

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