Some exciting news!

Today I’m visiting Westfield Penrith to get a few last minute things before Christmas. Today is my last day off before Christmas day, so it was nice to come out and do a bit of shopping.

Of course I can’t walk past Dymocks without dropping in for a look. They have an amazing fantasy section, and I couldn’t help but dream about them stocking my book.

I bought a Halo novel for my favorite human, and as I was paying for it, I asked if they ever stock books by independant authors. The lady who served me was so lovely, she pointed to another lady and told me to go and speak to her.

I showed her the proof copy that I just happened to have with me, and my author contact card. She was most impressed by the quality of the book, and loved my hand drawn maps.

They are more than willing to stock my book on consignment, all I have to do is deliver them 5 copies with an invoice and voila!

So guess who is dropping into Penrith tomorrow after work 😀

In other news: I am slowly working on book 2. I had hit a few minor walls in chapter 3 which somewhat blocked me, but I blame that on being so tired from working crazy hours with the Xmas rush at work.

I am up to chapter four, and I have started working on the names of kingdoms, cities and geography for the mainland.

I have 4 days off leading up to (and including) new years, so I’m hoping I can lock myself in somewhere and write write write!

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  1. Well done to you , keep up the writing l cannot wait for book 2

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