I am pleased to announce that I am joining in the #AuthorsForFireys auction on Twitter.

What’s that you ask?

Authors are auctioning copies of books, or services such as editing/beta reading, as a way to raise money for bushfires in Australia. Instead of sending the author the money and being unsure of where it ends up, the winning bidder makes the donation directly to the charity, and sends the author a copy of the receipt. The author then sends the item / provides the service as promised.

I am auctioning one signed copy of The Lowest Realm. Just 28 mins after posting to social media, I have received the opening bid – $100!

This will be running until Saturday 18th January, 9pm Sydney time.

I will still be donating $1 from every eBook and $5 from every paperback during January – so far I’m sitting at $1 (I know that’s not much, but that’s 1 more $ and it all adds up).

Photo taken by Ja Worsley – Eye Products International.
The aftermath – Bilpin, Blue Mountains. NSW Australia

2 Comments on “#AuthorsForFireys

    • You have to go through Twitter.
      Call me tomorrow and I’ll explain how it works 💜


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