From leave to stand down

Hello all you amazing people <3
Once again I don’t want to be the one who posts more about the “bug”, but I will say that we are facing unprecedented times. I’ve just been stood down from my retail job in a large company, along with 9,000 others.

I have been expecting this for weeks now, and I have mentally prepared for this very moment. I am (amongst other things) an academic and consider myself to be intellectual, therefore I have been addressing these challenges with logic while sifting through what is fact and fiction in the media.

So! I have roughly 4 weeks to get stuck into my studies, and to focus on fixing the problems in The Darkest Realm (to be honest, I am hating a few of the chapters, and am working to fix the abomination).

So, how was the holiday?

I was very careful in what I wrote for my last post, seeing as my mother reads this blog like a newspaper. Fave Being and I packed up the car and headed down to Central Victoria, where we surprised my parents with an unexpected visit.
Most of the visit was spent relaxing at home, watching the news, and spending time with the fam. I also took Fave Being around the area and showed him a lot of historic places.

Tarnagulla – This tiny historical town is a part of the Golden Triangle, and is home of so much history, especially from the gold rush days. This beautiful church was built in 1864, and has stood watching over the town for 156 years. Back before 2000, the church was purchased by a chap who filled it with second hand goods supposedly to sell (I remember people calling him a hoarder), Sadly in 2000, it burnt down. I remember being devastated as I loved that church.

Timor – This tiny town doesn’t have many buildings left, except for the general store / jail cell, school, and the remnants of the Grand Duke Mine. The town was mostly tents and temporary housing during the gold rush days, though there are a few houses there now.

St Arnaud – This town is a bit further from the Golden Triangle, but is another historic town with some amazing old buildings. This cellblock sits hidden behind the current police station, and the court house. The prisoners would be held here awaiting their court case.

St Arnaud – the railway station reminded me in many ways of Dunolly station. The towns folk are collecting donations to get their silos painted (a lot of the country towns have been commissioning an artist to paint giant murals on their silos to help entice tourists to the towns). The silo in the final image is the Colbinabbin silos, which is a work in progress.

I love that I grew up in Central Vic and got to explore a lot of these places as I grew up. This could be where my love of community histories and archives has stemmed from.
My inspirational bank as been replenished, and hopefully I get to work on The Darkest Realm.

Stay safe out there everyone – more importantly, unless you are working, please stay home. The sooner we get through these hard times, the better.
Take care <3

Disclaimer: The decision to travel at this time was not take lightly. At the time of leaving, there were no cases in our area, and we had been taking extra measures at work including wearing gloves, social distancing and spraying everything with Glen20 etc. I spoke to my GP before leaving and asked him if we should postpone our trip, and he advised us that we would be alright to travel.

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  1. I am so glad you came down, it was lovely having you both love you xxx

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