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G’day g’day! Today marks the 2 week mark since I was stood down from work due to the Rona. I think I am one of the few people who are actually enjoying isolation; indeed, when I catch up with some of my colleagues on WhatsApp, it does appear that I am handling this much better than some.

I have a bit of an announcement to make. 8 days ago, I randomly had a story idea pop up in my head, and I sat up til 5am tapping out the details on my phone. When I reviewed the outline the next day (well technically later that day), I really liked what I had plotted.

I am now 24k words into Catalogue of Disaster (temp name), a raunchy Aussie m/m romance story. When Jake starts his new job in the Marsden Park Library, his excitement for working in amongst so many women quickly wanes, as disaster after disaster happens.

He was warned, stay away from Garret James. So why didn’t he heed that warning?

Jake and Garret’s story is cute, funny, and riddled with disaster. Watch this space for a cover reveal pretty soonish 😉

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