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Howdy folks!

I’m pleased to announce that as of 1:42am this morning, I have submitted details to my cover designer, and have started the publishing process with IngramSpark. The book file is 98% set up – I am just waiting on the cover so I can mock up a title page, and of course the cover. I am preparing for a soft launch on May 4th – hopefully I can at least launch on Kindle by that date.

Catalogue of Disaster will be priced at US $2.99 on Amazon ($4.99 AU), free on KU.
Paperbacks will be priced at $22.95 RRP, but will be cheaper directly from this website.

Once he relaxed and dropped his mask, Garret reminded Jake of an excited schoolboy with his first porno mag.


When Jake starts his new job in a large modern library, he is determined to make new friends and a new life. On his first day, he is warned: stay away from Garret James.

But after repeated bouts of bullying, and disaster after disaster, Jake realises that Garret may be his only friend in the entire library; a friendship that soon has him doubting his sexuality.

A funny MM romance set in Western Sydney, Australia.

Also representing trans women, a polyamorous relationship, and demi/pansexuality.

A sneak peak of my cover guy. Image used with permission.
Person is a model and in no way represents any of the characters 😉

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