online store launch!

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new online store!

Storenvy is a new type of store – it encompasses a social media-type-platform the enables users to follow their fave stores, and like/share to Facebook. I’ve been trialing a number of different platforms, and so far this one is the easiest to use.

To visit the store, simply click on the BUY PAPERBACKS link at the top of this page (pictured), and the store will launch in a new tab.

The only downside is that Storenvy does not yet offer local currencies – it is an American company. Therefore, I have listed the prices in USD, and these will convert to AUD when you pay through PayPal.

eBooks are still available through Amazon, simply click the BUY EBOOKS tab for the links.

Store view from a mobile device.

I just want to reiterate that I use Print on Demand via IngramSpark for printing my books. They have printing facilities in Australia, USA, Europe etc, which means your books will be shipped from your nearest facility. Only books ordered from Australia will be shipped by myself, and will have the option to be autographed.

If you are not in Australia but want your book signed, email me and I can calculate shipping at your expense. Shipping can be around $60-80 Au to USA and Europe, it’s not cheap!

Homeless Affair is at the 50,000 word mark, so not much longer until it’s finished! Watch this space!

<3 AAC

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