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Pride Bin Chickens!

Happy Saturday! It’s time for the 3rd announcement this week. Can I get a drum roll? It’s no secret – I have a thing about the Aussie bin chickens; they even inspired my Black Ibis Cult in The Miscreant. I’ve been working on my… Continue Reading “Pride Bin Chickens!”

My inspiration and muse

Many writers have different sources of inspiration, be it music, reading other books, people watching, their life experiences etc. I have been heavily influenced by David Eddings- I read and reread the Belgariad and Malloreon sooo many times as a kid, the Belgariad especially.… Continue Reading “My inspiration and muse”

Growing the map

Note: This post contained outdated and redundant information. I’ve updated the post to reflect the current and correct information, and hid the rest at the bottom of the page. Amex – 10 March 2023. This map was originally going to become the world map… Continue Reading “Growing the map”

Here we go again

As I lay here in bed on a Sunday morning, I finally bit the bullet and decided to start a blog. I have started so many of these and never maintained them, so hopefully I stay motivated this time. 17 years ago, at 17… Continue Reading “Here we go again”