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From leave to stand down

Hello all you amazing people <3Once again I don’t want to be the one who posts more about the “bug”, but I will say that we are facing unprecedented times. I’ve just been stood down from my retail job in a large company, along… Continue Reading “From leave to stand down”

Hooray for annual leave!

I’ve been counting down the days til I’m on annual leave, and finally that day has come! Work has been busy with post-back to school cleaning, product launches and maintenance, so I have been looking forward to this break. Obviously there is a lot… Continue Reading “Hooray for annual leave!”

Fair Day!

On Sunday I went to my very first Fair Day, which is a part of the Sydney Gay Lesbian Mardi Gras. I had a stall there with a friend who is a fellow writer / film director, and together we sold our wares to… Continue Reading “Fair Day!”

From fires to floods…and a character reveal!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. The busy time at work is finally over, but that means we have lots of cleaning and straightening up o do. We’re slowly getting the store back to normality. The fires were all declared as… Continue Reading “From fires to floods…and a character reveal!”

Straya Day

Forty years ago today, my parents said their vows and were married. They got married on Australia Day – “so that your father will never forget our anniversary.” So a big shout out to Mum and Dad, for putting up with each other for… Continue Reading “Straya Day”

Bidding has closed

My #AuthorsForFireys auction has closed at a total of $100. Every little bit helps, I’m stoked that it went for that much. The winning bidder has transferred the amount to me, and on the 31st I’ll transfer the donation PLUS the portions of my… Continue Reading “Bidding has closed”


I am pleased to announce that I am joining in the #AuthorsForFireys auction on Twitter. What’s that you ask? Authors are auctioning copies of books, or services such as editing/beta reading, as a way to raise money for bushfires in Australia. Instead of sending… Continue Reading “#AuthorsForFireys”

My beautiful country is on fire

It’s a not-so-happy new year here in Australia. Our beautiful country is burning, our animals are dying, and our people are losing their homes and lives. Unfortunately, fire is a deadly reality that Australians must face every summer, and it’s very close to my… Continue Reading “My beautiful country is on fire”

More map making!

I hope you all had a great Christmas (or celebration). For me it was a day off…we did the obligatory visit to the inlaws, then went and watched the new Star Wars film. After working insane hours in the leadup to Christmas, I am… Continue Reading “More map making!”

Some exciting news!

Today I’m visiting Westfield Penrith to get a few last minute things before Christmas. Today is my last day off before Christmas day, so it was nice to come out and do a bit of shopping. Of course I can’t walk past Dymocks without… Continue Reading “Some exciting news!”