The reality is setting in

Today I spent a bit of time looking up which publishers are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Here in Australia, there are a few publishers who do this, and I have already chosen two to submit with.

The sad reality I am facing, is the costs involved in editing and proofreading my work. At 102k words, most professional services in Australia charge anywhere between $2400 to $4000 and up. There is no way I can afford that.

I don’t want to be the one who whines on social media, poor me poor me. No way. But today it just hit me: I am so close to fulfilling my dream, and yet as I scrolled through websites after websites, I felt my dream slipping away.

All of a sudden, self publishing on Amazon is becoming more and more tempting .

I’m not one to sulk and feel sorry for myself though. I have tried my plan B, and looked up some cheaper options on Fiverr, though I have heard several writers warn against this.

I guess I just need to get my ass into gear and finish editing my draft, send it out to some beta readers, and see what feedback I get, before I worry about the editing stage.

I still live in hope that one day soon, I’ll see my book on the shelves of my local book store.

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