Refound my spark

After last night’s sulking post, I put down my devices and went to bed. This morning I started fresh, and had a look at what other writers are doing.

Amazon is not for me. I looked into it, it isn’t very Aussie-friendly. If I wanted to order a proof or author copies, I can’t because Amazon doesn’t provide POD in Aus. The only way around this is ordering a retail copy.

At the recommendation of another Aussie writer, I had a look at IngramSpark. This company works closely with Amazon, but is separate. They offer global distribution, AND they have POD in Aus, UK and USA.

And so I have decided to self publish with IngramSpark. I can also publish the ebook on Amazon if I want to.

Today is my day off work, and I had plans with hubby to go out. At the last minute, he got called in to work, so our plans were cancelled. So instead, I took myself out….to the library!

I was THAT weirdo today….kneeling down in the fiction section, measuring books, and taking photos of maps and decorations I like. It also gave me ideas on writing my blurb, which I may re-attempt later.

The beauty of IngramSpark is the creative freedom I get – I can put as many maps in as I want, I can add in images, symbols, and all that cute stuff. I’m starting to get excited…

Things I liked…

These maps are more the traditional fantasy maps that I love. I may end up re-drawing my maps, because in my world, they don’t have computers…. I want my map to look like it would for my people.

I like the 3 line capitals at the start of each chapter, I think I’ll go with something like this. I also like the linebreak symbol in the second image, I may do something like this but with a symbol that I’ve embedded in the book.

With IngramSpark, I even get to pick what colour of paper I want. I’m thinking cream, because it gives the book that old feel, and smells better when it’s old and tattered 😂

I feel like I was shopping for ideas today, and I have walked away feeling extra inspired. Even the world map in the image above has given me ideas. Now to head home and get stuck into editing…..

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