The Cover Reveal

So yesterday I received the first print copy of my book. To say I was excited was an understatement.

I had planned a Facebook reveal with a classy photo of yours truly holding the book. However, my favorite human was so excited and proud, he jumped the gun….and posted a horrid photo of me holding the book…. in work uniform – hot, sweaty, messy hair and anything but classy 🤦🏻‍♀️

But still, the amount of congratulations and support from my Facebook friends has been nothing less than amazing. I already sold 2 x signed copies (pre-orders) which I wasn’t expecting!

Family drama aside, I must say I am really happy with the quality of my book. There were a few paging errors which I have (hopefully) fixed, and I am now waiting on yet another proof from IngramSpark to ensure it’s ok.

The cover of the book feels amazing to touch. I chose the matte finish, and am really happy with it. It feels almost waxy, unlike any other books that I’ve come across.

The pages are an off-white creme, and the new book smell did not disappoint – yes I stood in the middle of a busy food court sniffing the pages like a weirdo.

The maps and chapter art all worked perfectly, much better than I anticipated. I am really impressed with IngramSpark, and will endeavor to say that they are worth the time, money and patience.

And finally…

I finally received a response with one of the places I dreamed on celebrating my launch. As fave human and I were having lunch after just receiving the package, I received this message from the Ampersand in Paddington:

So now I have another conundrum…stick with the plan of inviting my 10 fave humans, or opening it up so anyone who wants to drop by can. Urgh, this has got to be the hardest part of the entire journey!!

Thankyou everyone for your support along the way: Twitter, Facebook, work colleagues, and bloggers. But most of all, my family and friends <3

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